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The emptiness that fills C2

The emptiness that fills C2

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"満たす空虚" Hat: Celebrates the fullness found in the void, a tribute to simplicity's profound completeness

As the morning light sweeps across rice fields on the brink of harvest, a gentle breeze stirs, blending the calm dawn with a whisper of movement. This serene moment captures the essence of growth and tranquility, highlighting the natural rhythm of life and the anticipation of change. The breeze, intertwining with the ready crops, symbolizes the ongoing dance between stillness and life's subtle motions, embodying a perfect balance.


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  • Stretch band for effortless, comfortable wear
  • 63% polyester, 34% cotton, 3% spandex twil
  • L/XL 22 ⅜ - 23 ⅞ | 56.8cm - 60.6cm

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